About GVE

Open Nights, Weekends and Holidays

Located in in Middletown, NY, Guardian Veterinary Emergency Orange County is an after-hours animal emergency hospital that is available to help when your pet’s primary care clinic is closed. We’re open nights, weekends and holidays with a veterinarian always on site.

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When You Arrive

Like a human emergency room, we will quickly assess your pet’s condition, also called triage. This allows us to treat the most critically ill or injured first. We know that at times, there may be an extended wait to see a veterinarian, however, rest assured we want to give every patient the time necessary to perform a thorough examination and prescribe the optimal treatment plan.

Whenever possible, it’s helpful if you call ahead and inform us of your estimated time of arrival. This gives our emergency staff time to prepare to attend to your pet’s particular condition and you can let us know if assistance will be needed bringing your pet into the hospital.

Does Your Pet Need to See a Veterinary Specialist?

Pets with complex, critical, or chronic diseases may be referred to Guardian Veterinary Specialists, our 24/7 emergency and specialty hospital, in Brewster, NY.

Here we have board-certified specialists in emergency/critical care, internal medicine, surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging, and rehabilitation. We offer seamless collaboration and communication with your primary care veterinarian to ensure your pet receives the expertise they need.