“We took our 70 lb bully here after he was attacked by another dog while out on a walk. He had several severe bites and lacerations that required immediate care and stitches. He abides the vet so can be quite difficult to handle, so much so that several vets refused to handle him in the past even after sedation. But not this team! They did a wonderful job with our boy the night of the attack as well as over our subsequent follow up visits to remove the sutures, etc. We are very grateful for the patience, compassion, and grace this team showed! Shout out to all the vets, techs, and admin personnel.”
-Patrick B. Google

“Can’t give this place enough praise. The staff has been amazing with helping us out with our husky.”
-Robab2uv Google

“I had to bring my dog in to be put to sleep after months of her having mobility issues until she just couldn’t stand or walk anymore. I can’t tell you how caring all the staff was – I have never been here before as my veterinarian is a family member in NJ but was closed on Sundays. Everyone was so comforting and made the process much easier. I’m very happy I chose to go here.”
-David Google

“I had to send my cat over the rainbow bridge this morning… The staff at Guardian were so compassionate and the place was so clean. Thank you for making Avery difficult situation doable.”
-Patricia G. Google

“Wonderful team took care of our beloved Max. We were scared that there was a life or death problem. They assessed the situation and thankfully it was not a life threating situation. I would highly reccomend Guardian to anyone needing emergency veterinary services.”
-Terrence R. Google

“Excellent care. They were kind, compassionate, and listened. They were mindful of expenses and talked to me about the options for my dog. I am so grateful for their treatment.”
-Claire N. Google

I literally can’t fathom how people have not given this clinic 5 stars. Not only were they available for my pet emergency, but they also took him in ASAP. They were so compassionate, they had empathy and above all gave my pet the BEST care. Dr. Ursitti and the staff were amazing. I recommend them to everyone. I wish she could be my pet’s full-time vet. Ps. The tech was one of the nicest and most knowledgeable techs I’ve ever been around.
-Brianna B., Google

“Dr. John and staff were very kind and gentle with my pet. I was very grateful that I was able to be seen right away and they helped my Katie feel better.”
-Colleen T., Yelp

“While on a camping trip our dog ate rat poison that was left at the campsite by the host (i know it’s the most ridiculous thing ever) thankfully we got him to the hospital in time and he didn’t eat a fatal amount. Guardian took him in right away and started inducing vomiting. We are not only thankful for the rushed service but for the care, our pup was under. While we waited we were brought cold water, when I needed a phone charger to stay on the line with poison control the vet let us borrow hers and they advocated for us in the midst of a very weird situation with our host. We are so unbelievably grateful that our dog was well loved and taken care of and will recommend Guardian to anyone in the area!”
-Becca S., Google

“Thank you, Dr. John! On May 8th I needed to bring my puppy to Guardian ER Vet. My pup is 8 weeks old and lethargic. I thought it could be Parvovirus, but after getting tested he wasn’t thank goodness! Dr.Lesley John came out to examine him and he found him to have pneumonia. I just wanted him to tell me how I could help this little guy. I got the high end of helping him and the low end. I decided to go with fluids, a fever reducer shot, and Azithromycin. When we got home he began to eat and drink and was a bit playful although still weak. He slept the night and woke up feeling a little stronger. I am grateful for the emergency service Dr. John gave my puppy. It’s because of places like this that have Dr.s like Dr.John to care for our fur babies.”
-Bunny H., Google

“This past Saturday, my brother and I brought his dog, Buddy in after he was attacked by another dog. The staff working that night were very compassionate during our visit. We want to especially thank the veterinarian, Dr. Suzanne who operated on Buddy’s leg. Her calm, professional approach made us know that he was in very good hands. And now 5 days later, Buddy is recuperating nicely.”
-Mary B., Google

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